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just got its hands on an interesting new book. In it – the author J. Randy Taraborrelli talks about how Katherine Jackson ALLEGEDLY beat up one of Joe Jackson’s jump offs (a secretary that worked for him). But according to the author, Katherine brought a gang of Jackson’s with her to do her dirty work. And that gang included a 14 year old JANET!!!
Here’s an excerpt from the book:

I was sitting at my desk in the Los Angeles offices of Soul magazine, a popular African American entertainment publication I edited and published in the eighties, when I received a perplexing telephone call from a source inside the Jackson camp.
I was told that a young secretary had just accused Katherine Jackson, the family matriarch, of having assaulted her in a hallway of the Motown building on Sunset Boulevard.

And here’s the story that the jumpoff told:
Here’s more:
On the afternoon of October 16, 1980, [Joe’s jumpoff] Gina was behind her desk at Joe Jackson Productions – when Janet, fourteen [at the time], and Randy, eighteen, walked into her office.
According to Gina, “Randy socked me in the face, hard. And Janet was next to me covering up my mouth. They pulled me out of the office – and there was Katherine.
Katherine didn’t waste any time. She just lunged at me and started hitting my face, my chest, anything she could. Then Randy threw me down and Katherine sat on top of me. She is no light cookie, okay? And she was slugging and slugging and slugging.”
According to the police report subsequently filed by Gina, when Janet saw [an approaching security] guard she said, ‘Leave, mister. This is a family affair.”
       lil Janet getting gangster!!!

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