Sunday, July 24, 2011

Julius Kane: Why Good Times is Far More Relevant than the Cosby Show Will Ever Be

By Julius Kane

Stop playin' 'Good Times' was better than 'The Cosby show' for real; the first three seasons before the father's character was killed off, anyway. You can run around town and act like you're embarrassed of 'Good Times' but I sure as hell ain't. A couple of so called critics even said 'The Cosby Show' was a "real depiction of a Black family." Again, stop playin'. How realistic is it even in WHITE AMERICA for a doctor to be married to a lawyer, have half a dozen kids and they all go to college? What did 'The Cosby Show' teach you? Sure, it made you wish for a better life and smashed a lot cultural stereotypes. But 'The Cosby Show'wasn't the best Black television show of all time; not by a long shot.  In actuality'The Cosby Show' was the best Black television show for White folks to watch. It allowed White folks to see a different side of the Black experience and gave Black folks faces, places and images they could finally be proud of.


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