Friday, November 18, 2011

Katt Williams Loses Custody of His Daughter

Your Black World reports

TMZ and other media are reporting that comedian Katt Williams will not have custody of his daughter, Leanne.  Crystal McGhee won full custody of the child today.  The judge gave Katt visitation rights on alternate weekends. 

Currently, Williams has seven adopted kids.   McGhee has rights to visit two of Leanne's siblings.   Thus far, there is no comment from Katt about what happened.

Williams was in the news this week after an incident at Best Buy.  It's not clear whether he stole something or if it was someone from his entourage.  What is clear is that police were called and someone was charged with a misdemeanor.  Williams' life seems to be in a bit of turmoil these days.  Let’s hope he gets it together.


Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate that it came to this. Hopefully, with time, the relationship can be amicable for the sake of the child.

Taunya Baker Curry said...

So, what about the other two that McGhee has a right to visit? Are they her children? Why didn't she get custody of those two? Where are the children now?