Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well-Known Publicist Gives PR Advice to Kanye West and Serena Williams


Karen Taylor-Bass, a well-known publicist, decided to go out of her way to give some PR advice on how Serena and Kanye can save their damaged public images.  Read what she had to say:

Kanye West Latest Ego Trip

“Last night, I was watching the VMA with my 9 year old son, as he was packing his books for school.  As I was explaining to him the significance of the MTV Awards, as a former Music Publicist, the mood shifted from this is cool to ... this is crazy.

I was shocked by Kanye West's latest ego tripping antics. Lets be real, that moment  with Taylor Swift versus Beyonce, was all about Kanye getting some "shine" aka spotlight.   Countless times we excuse Kanye for his childish, ego- "me" moments, however, this time his friends should really answer and heed Madonna's call during her  tribute to Michael Jackson. Perhaps, Kanye needs a reality check and someone to talk to? Maybe, its a cry for help? What I do know is that  it's not okay to take to social media an issue an apology time and time again ... you were man enough to take the mic from Taylor Swift, be man enough to publicly apologize.

Kanye you need to take a time-out, and re-brand your image.. We want to believe in your brilliance, but not like this. “
Serena Williams' Costly Moment

“Serena Williams allowed poor judgment to take center stage on Saturday at the United States Open which possibly cost her the title, endorsements, fans, and most importantly, a damaged BRAND . The angry black woman as a brand is not palatable for mainstream media. Upon seeing the tape, I must say Serena Williams got real 'hood' with the line judge and her behavior was out of pocket.

Athletes, especially Black athletes, must remember this is a business and your brand is your business. If you are known for grace, dignity, and being a champion, well display that at all times. John McEnroe got away with many antics during his reign, however, with the advent of technology -- every emotion, word and behavior is captured for the world to see. And sadly, Black athletes are judged by a different standard. All is not lost as it relates to damage control -- issue a mea culpa immediately to the officials, fans, Kim Clijsters, etc.,  and show the world all  champions are human with flaws with moments.”

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